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As a former therapist turned private practice systems enthusiast, my goal is to systematize YOUR private practice so YOU are able to grow and scale YOUR business! 

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Welcome to The 2-Day System Starter   


(Hint: Yes, YOU can complete this in 2 days)

 With the 2-Day System Starter, there’s no need to sit at your laptop and try to figure out how you did a task before. You’re going to learn how to start SYSTEMATIZING your business so that you can start getting your business processes documented in little or no time. The entire System Starter comes to a GRAND TOTAL OF  $360 



❓What if you had ALL of your systems in place so that if/when you want to hire a Virtual Assistant, you won't have to train them?


‼️ What if you didn't have to reinvent the wheel EVERY TIME you do specific tasks for your practice that you've forgot how to do?

⁉️What if you could start creating systems for your ENTIRE business with little to no work? 

Tell Me If This Sounds Like You? 


👉 You struggle with  remembering how to do certain administrative tasks. You are so BUSY with seeing clients, you don’t have TIME to remember these tasks. You wish there was a way to just sit down and follow step by step directions so you can complete those administrative tasks quickly and efficiently.  

(...Well, today is your lucky day!) 




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Kim Keller: Therapist & Systems Enthusiast   


Hi, I’m Kim Keller. I am a therapist and a systems enthusiast. I’ve created a business that has provided virtual assistant services for DOZENS of therapists. 

While running the virtual assistant side of the business, I  have come to realize how important it is to have systems and processes in your business. I have created mine for my business and with the 2-Day System Starter I teach you how to get this started.

Why am I making this? After working with over a dozen of  therapists, I realized there was a commonality and a need with a large percent of them. They had no business systems. They were re-inventing the wheel every time they did tasks. They had no way to train a Virtual Assistant when they started working with us, so they needed to spend the time doing that. After creating systems within their business, therapists were able to either complete tasks themselves quicker and more efficiently or they were able to hand off those tasks to a Virtual Assistant without needing to do any training. I want you to see this same kind of success. I created this to help you do this!

👉 My goal with this is to get you started on creating your systems. I hear this a lot, “where do I start?” or “what do I do?”. My goal is to show you where to start, what to do, and how to move forward. 

Checklist value $27  


💁‍♀️ We have to start off with a checklist, right?     


Everyone likes a good checklist! You’ll be able to download the 2-Day System Starter Checklist so you can keep track of everything you need to do in the next 2 days. 



SOP and Processes video value $39  


👉 Now we start day 1! We’re off to an introduction to systems. I know you don’t know anything about systematizing and how or why it’s good for your business. I understand completely! If you’re anything like I was when I started my private practice, I had no idea what systems were.


I will walk you through how having systems can help you in your business. You’ll learn about ways that systems can help you that will blow your mind! Bonus! I know things can be financially tight, especially with everything with the Covid pandemic. I get it! I want you to understand more about having systems and processes in your business and how much time and money they will save you! 



Master list value $197


🚨 This is where the work starts (remember, little work for you!)  


You will get to working on the Systems Starter Master list. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not good with things like this”. With this Master list, I’ve done almost all of the work for you. Today you only need to list your recurring tasks. That’s it! You’ve made it through day 1! Whew! You’re halfway there already!  



Plan of Action value $97  


😁 I’ve created the System Starter Plan of Action to help you categorize and prioritize the tasks that you listed on day 1.


You are already overwhelmed running the business side of things as well as seeing your clients. I get it. Using this Plan of Action, we’re going to create a plan so you can document all of your systems in your business, but again, I’ve done almost all of the work for you! Not only do I want to give you a head start on creating your processes, but I also want to provide you with a plan moving forward!




🙋‍♀️ Wait Kim....Who Is This For!? 


If you would like to STREAMLINE your business, then this is for YOU!


Therapists brand new to private practice...I SEE YOU! 🔭 You would benefit from the 2-Day Systems Starter because it will help you get your systems for your private practice in place from the beginning! That is a great place to start! You want to create your systems from the start so you don’t get too far behind in them.  


Therapists already in private practice...What’s shakin’? I see you too! 🙋‍♀️ There you are raising your hands! The 2-Day System Starter would be perfect for you. It’s never too late to start and we need to get some organization and documentation done in your business ASAP. Having these systems will create consistency in your practice. I wonder what your clients will say about their client journey and how impressed they’ll be once you’ve got systems in place!


Coaches and Consultants...I know there are some of you out there! 🙆‍♀️ If you are doing consultation and coaching as a side hustle or as your main hustle, you will want to have systems in place. It’s the same thing as if you were just seeing clients. With coaching and consulting you have processes for everything and you want to make those smooth, efficient, and a great experience for your customers. 



And did I mention that you can get this all done in 2-Days?  


There’s really not much work for you to do. You can easily complete your part of the work in 2 days. (Remember, I did most of the work for you)  


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Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. 



NOW is the time to take action! NOW is the time to join your fellow therapists in creating some structure in your business! Lock in this current price right now before this offer expires soon! 


 You could have a head start on your systems for your business. You could be experiencing peace of mind that you are creating these documents and soon all of these tasks will be out of your head! You could be spending your time with your clients and doing the things that you want to do and NOT trying to figure out how to do administrative tasks. 


Imagine where you could be 2 days from now? You deserve this, & your business deserves this.     


You're done trying to remember how to do certain administrative tasks. You're busy seeing clients, having to do session notes (we all know that notes never end...😫), and you don’t have time.


If you're ready to systematize your practice, so you can get back to doing the things you love...

Then you're ready for The 2-Day System Starter 

Mindfulness Cubicle Love



Erica Drewry CEDRN, RDN, LD  
Founder of Aligned Nutrition  


"I wasn’t sure having a PM (Practice Manager) was something I actually needed. I have efficient systems and time management skills. I had one week where I was super overwhelmed with everything I was doing and made the decision to hire Mindfulness Cubicle. Now, there’s no way I could imagine my business without it. My clients comment on how friendly and timely Ashley is helping them. I know it truly sets the tone for my practice and them feeling supported all around. Ashley is better than I am. Plus, there’s no way I could be growing my virtual program business outside of my practice without her help”  



Lisa Thomson LMFT
Owner of Core Psychology


"Working with Mindfulness Cubicle has been a game changer! Prior to connecting with Mindfulness Cubicle, I was juggling a very full practice of back to back sessions and long days supervising new clinicians. It felt like a scramble to stay on top of client communications, scheduling and creating new systems. Now, I am able to be fully present in sessions and in other roles throughout the day, knowing my clients are being supported with warmth, professionalism and efficiency in scheduling and response times.

Even more important, they were able to jump in as an active part of my practice, already knowing the basic ins and outs of running a practice. This made it a smooth transition without a lot of worry about clients being impacted in the process. Bringing someone on to help run your practice can feel overwhelming and scary. Mindfulness Cubicle inspires confidence and quickly dissolves any of those fears with their consistent support and follow-through. I am incredibly grateful".  

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